DJI Mavic Pro, Spark, Phantom & Osmo Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deals (2017)

Looking to buy a DJI Phantom drone on Black Friday? This page will be updated with the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 deals on Phantom 3 & 4, Spark, Mavic Pro drones and Osmo gimbals.

DJI Spark

The smallest and most affordable drone ever created by DJI, the Spark is an impressive feat of engineering from DJI. The product comes with a premium molded case which houses the drone, the battery and its charging device. This drone fits perfectly on the palm of your hands and slips easily into your pocket too! Talk about portability! And it is lightweight, too! It just packs 300 grams with the battery installed. The body of the DJI Spark looks very durable and sturdy.

If it is your first time to buy a drone, then the DJI Spark is a great way to start. When assembling the drone, you can look at the color coding to easily know where to put each part. The propellers are easy to install. Once you put the propellers on the designated positions, it autolocks in place. You can also install the propeller guards to protect the drone from unwanted falls and hits. The battery can easily be installed on the drone. You can determine the battery life with the LEDs on its surface. One full charge of the battery can last you 16 minutes of awesome aerial videos! You can fly this thing for a long time and record in HD video. It uses a camera with a two access mechanical gimbal. The lens of the camera is 25 mm f/2.6 fixed focal length. The product also uses sensors to prevent and avoid clashes and crashes.

DJI Mavic Pro & Mavic Pro Platinum

The gold standard when it comes to portable drones just went platinum. Since its release in 2016, the Mavic Pro has proved itself to be the best small drone on the market. Unfortunately for GoPro, their Karma drone that released a month before pales in comparison to the Mavic Pro and drone enthusiasts have had no trouble making their decision on which drone is superior. Now we’ve got the Mavic Pro Platinum too, which extends the flying time and makes less noise while flying too.

Both the Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum are must-haves this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Both have awesome exteriors with high quality build and key features which makes the DJI Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum one of the best drones in the planet right now. The main difference between the two is enhanced endurance and quieter flight of the DJI Mavi Pro Platinum compared to the DJI Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro Platinum lasts up to 30 minutes of flight with a noise reduction of 4 db. The Mavic Pro lasts up to 2 minutes of usage. Modifications on the propellers and electronic speed controllers can be observed on the Mavic Pro Platinum.

The DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum are two of your option drones which you can buy in preparation for the holiday season! Visit this page for updates on price drops and discounts on these devices.

DJI Osmo

Sometimes you don’t need to be flying around up in the air to take a great video or photo. In fact, sometimes the best shots are handheld as they really immerse the view into the action and provide a first person perspective. The best handheld gimbal on the market right now? Yep, you guessed it, its the Osmo. Available for mobiles in the form of the Osmo Mobile, these gimbals allow for smooth video recording even on shaky ground like cobbled streets.

The DJI Osmo connects to your mobile phone using Bluetooth. You control the movement of the camera using a D-pad on the device. For a more stable shoot, you can lock on the trigger and just start making videos! If you are moving the camera and want to instantly move the camera to the center shot, you can just double tap on the trigger. If you want to switch to selfie mode, just tap the trigger three times! how convenient is that!

DJI Phantom 3 SE & 4K

The DJI Phantom 3 series are the best selling quadcopters on the market. The Phantom 3 Standard is the best option for people on a budget, without the expensive additional features of the Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional models. It shoots in 2.7K HD and offers a 720P first person view video feed. The controller design is simple and features less buttons than other Phantom 3 models. Although there’s a few features missing, it’s more than compensated for by it’s lower price. Let’s hope for a great Phantom 3 Black Friday deal this year!

If you are aiming to buy the DJI Phantom 3 4K, I am sure that it will not disappoint. DJI installed the 4K camera on the Phantom 3. It also uses lightbridge technology. It transfers the 1080P video that the drone takes which you can then see on your iPhone using the transmitter. Awesome stuff, right? It is estimated that you can have a distance of up to 2 miles with the lightbridge technology.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced & Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom 4 is the most intelligent flying quadcopter ever created. Its camera shoots 4K at 30 frames per second and slow motion in 1080P at 120 frames per second. Its obstacle sensors provide automatic obstacle avoidance and it’s intelligent flight support systems connect to dual satellites to provide added reliability and safety during flight. You can fly the drone by tapping your phone screen in the direction you want the Phantom 4 to head – it’s that easy.

Both the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro uses the same camera and configuration. The sensor is a 1 inch CMOS. The resolution of the camera is 20MP. The video for both the Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro is 4K with 60 frames per second. Maximum ISO for both drones is 12800  with bit rate of 100 Mbps.

DJI Accessories

One of the most important extra accessories for any DJI drone is a spare battery pack. These can come in very handy especially on longer trips where half an hour of flight time isn’t enough to capture everything. Aside from the battery pack , there are a lot more DJI accessories which you can avail of. DJI has Cendence remote controllers, high-performance computers for Onboard SDK and other positioning systems.