Bose Wireless Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

Shopping for Bose audio equipment on Cyber Monday 2017? We’ve rounded up the best Bose headphone & speaker deals and will be updating this page with the best deals.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Bose deals haven’t been published yet. This page will continue to be updated with links to Bose deals.

Bose QuietComfort QC35 & QC25 Noise Cancelling Headphones


The QC35 are the successor to the gold standard for premium, noise cancelling headphones which are the Bose QC25. The QC25s have been my go to on train rides and flights for past couple years, so naturally when you get a successor to them you kinda have to wonder whats different about them and are they worth difference in price?

Now on a pair of really premium noise cancelling headphones you look for a couple things: build quality, comfort, sound quality and then of course how good the noise cancellation actually is. Build quality is great and nearly identical to the QC25s. They’re lightweight plastic headphones, pretty flexible and that’s actually what makes them so comfortable because they’re so lightweight and flexible. Along with the super soft foam on the top band and the super soft leather cushions that go over your ears, all this combines to make them really comfortable. If you’re looking for specifically wireless, noise cancelling headphones then you’ll have to go with the QC35s. If you just want noise cancelling headphones and you don’t really care about the convenience of having no wire then the QC25s are fine and functionally pretty much exactly the same.

QC35 on Amazon   QC25 on Amazon

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones


Ok so the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones. These are the best running earphones I’ve used that. Firstly, the audio quality is amazing. As expected, they just sound really, really good. Also, they have a stable Bluetooth connection better than with most wireless headphones and they also have NFC so with certain Bluetooth devices you can just tap them to the headphones and they’ll connect, which is cool.

They are sweat and water resistant and are pretty darn comfortable to wear but you also do have size small, medium and large eartips that you can swap to find the best fit for your ear. They don’t completely seal off your ear canals so you can actually hear the ambient noise around you a little bit. Some people like that, other people don’t. I’m fine with it but its a personal preference thing. Now in terms of battery life you can expect to get 5 – 6 hours on average or about a weeks worth of workouts for the average person. I think thats pretty good battery life and when you do need to charge them they just require any old micro-USB cable, which is handy. They have a tangle resistant cable and an inline remote and mic which works perfectly. You can take phone calls, access Siri or Google Now, adjust your music and it all works great.

If you value sound quality above all then the SoundSport wireless are the best exercise headphones on the market in 2016.

SoundSport on Amazon

Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth Speaker


Bose is kind of the brand by which all others are measured when it comes to making small things that also sound good. Now with the Bose SoundLink 3 there’s a new kid on the bluetooth block. Does it push the envelope or does it just fit inside?

The SoundLink 3 has a sleek, rounded and classic design. The wrap around metal grill is nice but it looks kind of like plastic even though it isn’t. On top you’ll find the very simplistic silicone button panel, which protects the speaker from dirt and dust. The SoundLink 3 has a solid weight to it which isn’t surprising given the materials used here. Connectivity is very simple – turn it on and it immediately starts broadcasting so your Bluetooth device can find and pair with it. This was always easy and quick in my testing. There’s also a standard AUX jack on the back of the speaker which allows you to connect other devices. The battery life is around 14 hours on the SoundLink 3, up around 7 hours on its predecessor. I left the speaker running all day and it was still running after about 12 hours when I shut it off. 3 hours is all it takes to fully charge it which isn’t bad at all considering what that charge gets you.

I tested the SoundLink 3 using a wide variety of musical styles including rock, hip hop, jazz, punk, metal and solo acoustic guitar and it held up very well throughout all of them. The low end is pretty heavily emphasized here, I noticed that even songs that weren’t particularly bass heavy had more low end presence than I was used to. The mid-range isn’t boxy sounding at all either which is a common problem in Bluetooth speakers. The high end is fairly crisp with nice detail and no harsh sounding bumps in the frequency range.

The main question people will have is this: does the SoundLink 3 sound better than the SoundLink 2? The answer is yes, absolutely. Plus, it gets much louder than the SoundLink 2 without distorting. Overall the Bose SoundLink 3 continues the trend of being the Bluetooth speaker to beat.

SoundLink 3 on Amazon

Bose SoundLink Mini, Mini 2 & Color


Bose’s SoundLink Mini was one of the best Bluetooth portable speakers but it did have a few shortcomings. Bose has addressed them with the SoundLink Mini 2. It looks almost identical to the original but it now has a built in microphone for speakerphone capabilities. Another improvement is its 10 hour battery rating, up from 7 hours in the previous model. It now charges via a standard USB cable too.

With a wireless range of around 30 feet, you can pair two devices simultaneously and switch between audio which is pretty convenient. As far as I can tell the sound difference between the two is minimal – both offer a clean, natural sound with minimal distortion even at max volume.

Bose is trying to spice up our lives with a colorful range of Bluetooth speakers called the SoundLink Color. More affordable than the SoundLink Mini, the Color is compact and around the size of your palm. Overall the construction still feels durable but it’s lost a little of the premium feel that I’ve come to expect from Bose. Battery life is up to 8 hours of use. From my testing, leaving it on continously with volume set at 50% I was able to achieve a full 10 hours and 32 minutes of charge. The range is decent too, having no problem staying connected through multiple walls.

Where the SoundLink Color really shines is when you have the volume up at 100%. It’s just as loud as the SoundLink 2 and can easily fill a small room and does decent for medium sized rooms about 14 feet x 12 feet in size. The only issue with sound quality is a slight lack of bass, whilst the mids and highs are clear and very good for a Bluetooth speaker. If you’re into music that’s more focussed on beats and bass then this speaker might not get your head bobbing. But if you’re strong into vocals and guitar then you’ll be very happy with the results.

SoundLink Mini on Amazon   SoundLink Color on Amazon

Bose SoundTouch Home Theater Sound System


I’ve reviewed the SoundTouch 10 here (far right in the above image) but the 30 & 50 are pretty similar with more features and better sound quality for a higher price.

If you love listening to music at home but hate dealing with messy wires then this could be the sound system for you. It has one goal in mind and that’s for you to easily stream music in your home without taking up alot of space. It can be placed anywhere in your home and comes with a convenient remote. Don’t be deceived by its small size though, the SoundTouch 10 is clear and rich and the loudness from such a small speaker is pretty astonishing.

What’s really cool about this speaker is that it not only plays audio or bluetooth from any app on your phone, tablet or computer, it actually connects to your WiFi network and can play music via the free SoundTouch controller app. I’m usually not a fan of proprietary apps but you can still use this speaker without doing that if you just want to use the Bluetooth and AUX port. If you don’t mind signing up for a free Bose account then you can take advantage of the app and its useful presets.

SoundTouch on Amazon